College T Shirts

There is a certain uniqueness to the humor shared by college students all over the country. A new fad has emerged in the past several years that involves college students wearing clever shirts to parties. This fad has been spread by the internet and sites that sell these clever shirts. The more clever the theme of the shirt, the better! This fad is clever and shows that college students want to have fun, in a smart, funny way. Shirts are worn by men and women, alike. They can be found on students who are working out in gyms, drinking at bars, hanging out at fraternity mixers or swaps, in class, or anywhere else that college students congregate. The shirts usually draw a laugh and are good to be able to silently express your feelings on a topic or your fandom of a certain movie, team, political candidate, musician, or other celebrity. This site features some of the great shirts that are on today’s market for students and anyone who is interested in making a statement through a cotton T-shirt.

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